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Member Benefits

We are committed to raising professional standards across the advertising industry through the provision of world-class training and professional development courses, industry awards, advocacy and support. By joining The Communications Council, you and your team gain access to a range of benefits in three key areas: People Development, Champion Creativity and Demonstrate Value.

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People Development

Build professional talent through accreditation and diversity.

AdSchool and IPA

The Comms Council offers superior training, running courses by the industry for the industry. Feedback from our members is consistently high. We offer significant member discounts for courses, as well as several members only offerings. Members also have the opportunity to lecture, tutor, and in some cases, host our courses. More

AWARD School

Nurture the creative talent of the future and give back to the industry by tutoring AWARD School. Only member agencies can tutor or judge student portfolios. More

AWARD Talent

Members are invited to attend AWARD School graduation and meet the best emerging creative talent. More

AWARD Creative Leadership and AWARD Craft Courses

The AWARD Creative Leadership course was launched for the first time in 2016. It has been hailed as a unique offering in the world affording senior creative staff with invaluable insights into leadership. AWARD Craft is due to be launched in the second half of 2019. Both are members’ only courses. More

Graduate Program

Fast-track your junior talent through the highly-regarded Graduate Program, which consists of four components including AdSchool learning modules, IPA Foundation Certificate, Codes and Compliance Workshops and Event Networking. More

Committees and networking

Network, learn and unite on key industry issues via the APG, AMG or Youngbloods committees and attend events through-out the year. Nominate people to be on the committees or take the stand and be a speaker. More

Salary Survey

Participate in our annual Salary. One of the most valued member resources, the survey provides participating members with a benchmarked overview of the industry’s employment and financial landscape. The survey helps ensure you are meeting or exceeding benchmarks with your people. More

Regulatory guidance (Codes and compliance)

Ensure your teams are up-to-date with the latest self-regulation codes and how they affect your client categories. Request a free, informative presentation. More

Legal guidance 

We provide access to top-line legal guidance as a member benefit. Copyright, IP, privacy, employment contracts, and interpretation of industry codes are common topics raised by members. More

Job Posting

You can post job advertisements on our online jobs page free-of-charge. More

Little Black Book partnership

TCC and CPC members receive a 10% discount on all annual membership subscriptions at to help promote your work to a wider audience globally. More


Champion Creativity

Champion creativity as a force to progress commerce, culture and society.

AWARD Awards Roadshow

A selection of the best AWARD winners will once again be highlighted and examined at the popular ‘Work behind the Work’ events – an inspiring behind-the-scenes look into the minds of the teams who brought you some of Australia’s best and most acknowledged work. Events will be held at member agencies. More

AWARD Awards

Members can nominate judges for the AWARD Awards, and set the benchmark for the ‘best of the best’. Only member agencies can be judges. More

APG Events

2019 will see the return of the very popular ‘Battle of Big Thinking’ and ‘Australian Planning Idol’. Nominate quickly as the positions fill up and are drawn primarily from our membership base. More


Demonstrate Value

Prove that advertising delivers significant value to brands, and ensure our members get paid appropriately for delivering that value.

Effies Awards

Be a part of judging some of the toughest and most prestigious awards to win. Members can nominate qualified staff and clients for judging. Ask for a bespoke Effie presentation to help you maximise your chances of winning. More

Effies Roadshow

A selection of the best Effie winners will be taken around the country to showcase the most effective case histories. Cases will be selected from members only, with events to be held in member agencies. More

Value-Based Pricing Workshops

Only members are invited to attend with a new half-day session slated for the first quarter. More

Advertising Pays

This report demonstrates the value of the industry on the economy and helps to improve the reputation and professionalism of the industry. More


Support our work to promote and influence key industry issues with government and commercial stakeholders. More