Video Advertising Standard Guidelines

The IAB Australia’s Standards and Guidelines Council has released video advertising standard guidelines and best practices for Australia following an extensive industry assessment and review process.
The video guidelines reflect the most common in-stream ad formats known as linear video ads, non-linear video ads and companion ads. Together they will support the forecasted online video advertising growth from $50m in 2011 to $200m in 2014.
You can download the documents here:

 - Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) 2.0 Guidelines

This guideline outlines a standard XML based ad response for in-stream video as well as an XML schema definition (“XSD”) for developers.

 - IAB Video Player Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) Guidelines

This document standardises the communication between video players and in-stream video advertising.

- Online Video Advertising Guidelines

These guidelines and best practices are for the most common in-stream ad formats.
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13 May 2011