News & Media Releases 2008

News & Media Releases 2008

Ho, Ho…Oh, No!

With the silly season fast approaching and attention focused on industry alcohol and drug issues in B&T recently, now seemed like a good time to take guidance from our Occupational Health & Safety experts and outline processes that support the safe consumption of alcohol at work functions ... More 

27 Oct, 2008

Two Key Appointments Signal a New Era for AFA AdSchool

Anthony Freedman [pictured], founder and CEO of agency Host, has been appointed to the national board of the Advertising Federation of Australia with special responsibility for AFA AdSchool.

His appointment to the Training Board - replacing Jim Moser after his move to New Zealand - signals the start of a new era for AFA AdSchool. It coincides with the appointment of Linda Anderson [pictured], who has worked with the AFA for the past three years and in training the last 12 months as Professional Training Manager.

 Adschool Appointments - 71.70 KB

22 Oct, 2008


The case against food advertising bans

B&T invited Mark Champion to argue (reason may be a better word) against food bans on TV…read the current issue for the opposing view point.

The reason people become obese is very simple – they consume much more energy than they expend.

It’s actually not a lot more complex to solve the problem – eat less and move around more.

So what has changed since the 1950s when research tells us that everyone was eating more than we are now? Fifty years ago however, we ate more to sustain a more active lifestyle, without the hours of screen time and sedentary leisure of modern day life ... More

October 7 , 2008


New AFA Members a Mirror of the New Agency World

Reflecting what Chairman Belinda Rowe calls, “the changing face of membership at the Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA),” eleven new members have signed on over recent months.

They span direct marketing, design, channel planning, production, promotional services, healthcare, multicultural, youth marketing and a recent start-up. All appear to be attracted to the broadening footprint and member services offered by the AFA ...

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September 3, 2008


New Australian Government Advertising Process announced

The Rudd Labor Government has released new advertising guidelines that will govern the content of Commonwealth Government campaign advertising.

Each advertising campaign will now be certified against the new guidelines by the chief executive of the commissioning department or agency, and major campaigns will be reviewed by the Auditor-General before the campaign is allowed to progress... More

  New Australian Government Advertising Process - 256.75 KB

7 July , 2008


Alcohol Toll Reduction Bill - The Fielding Bill

The findings of the Senate Committee inquiry into the Fielding liquor Bill are out. The Committee has firmly REJECTED the proposals in that Bill and has recommended that the Bill NOT PROCEED.

You will recall that this Family First private members Bill has had its first reading and was sent off for Inquiry by the Senate.

The major recommendations in the Bill were -

  • Restrict TV and radio alcohol advertising to after 9pm and before 5 am to stop alcohol being marketed to young people

  • Require all alcohol advertisements to be pre-approved by an Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) division

  • Ban alcohol advertisements that are aimed at children or which link drinking to personal, business, social, sporting, sexual or other success.

The Committee recommends that additional safeguards be put in place by ABAC and others to ensure that children are not adversely influenced by liquor ads during sport coverage and that a code be developed by ABAC and others for packaging and labelling.

The Committee said it supported the broad aims of the Bill, but that the Bill was going about it in the wrong way.

They pointed to the Binge Drinking Campaign announced by PM Rudd as a better way of tackling the issue.

The full report can be read at -

Its also worth noting that promoters of the Bill - Family First - have lodged a dissenting report having clearly lost the battle in the Committee.

19 June , 2008


Advertising Effectiveness Awards Refreshed With Effie Brand.

The AFA Advertising Effectiveness Awards have been comprehensively revised, refreshed and relaunched for 2009.

The Awards will now run under the internationally recognised benchmark for effective advertising, the Effie Awards.

Download the Full Media Release - 27.19 KB

 27 May, 2008


The AFA has moved to a New Address

'Same Street - New Number - Same Phone Number'

From Monday June 2 2008 the AFA is located at:

Advertising Federation of Australia
65 York St
Sydney NSW 2000

(Go through the front door, turn left and up the stairs to the Mezzanine Floor)

Postal Address
PO Box Q1389, QVB Post Office
Sydney NSW 1230

Telephone and Fax
Tel: + 61 2 8297 3800
Fax: + 61 2 8297 3801


10 June, 2008


Photos from AFA AGM and 'The Gruen Transfer' preview

Following the AFA AGM, Andrew Denton and Jon Casimir Q&A 'The Gruen Transfer' to AFA & AWARD members ... More

3 May , 2008

The Colour Purple: Sweet Win For Darrell Lea

We often hear about the power of the brand. There was no better reminder of the lengths a company will go to protect their brand than the on-going battle by Cadbury’s to own the colour purple so prominent in their packaging and advertising. We asked our legal advisors Debbie Marczak and Stephen von Muenster to summarise and offer advice on using competitor’s colours … More

1 May , 2008

Government Regulations Update

The latest on alcohol and food restrictions and government advertising contracts and accreditation …  More

10 April, 2008

Special offer for AFA agencies: 10% discount for a subscription to Contagious Communication.

Every year, Contagious publishes a round-up of the most innovative ideas on: branded content; web 2.0; mobile marketing; social networking/user-generated content; word of mouth; ambient; viral; interactive/web; blogs; video games; retail initiatives; relationship marketing; experiential marketing; innovative product design; strategic alliances; emerging technologies.

A subscription includes 4 Hard Copy reports (1 per quarter), a DVD with roughly 100 examples of great NTM from around the world as well as access for you and four of your colleagues to their online resource which includes news, sections from the hardcopy, a searchable archive of over 2000 campaigns and a playlist function. The order form for this special offer can be found on the last page of the Most Contagious 2007 report.

Download Contagious Magazine and Order Form 

10 March , 2008

AFA Appoints New Events and Sponsorship Manager

The Advertising Federation of Australia has appointed Jo Libline as its new Events and Sponsorship Manager.

Jo has extensive background in events management and sponsorship development and support, and has worked extensively in the Australian and New Zealand tourism and wine industries.

Jo Libline Appointment - 234.27 KB

 23 Jan, 2008

Leonardo Premutico and Johannes Jacobs

Gawen Rudder talks with Southern Hemisphere wunderkinds Leonardo Premutico and Johannes Jacobs In New York about start-ups, being scared and creative-client relationships.

 Power of 2 - Jan 08 - 103.53 KB

11 Jan, 2008

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