News & Media Releases 2007

News & Media Releases 2007

See Photos from Lesley Brydon's Farewell drinks 10 Dec

12 December, 2007


Some suggested reading for office and home - please share your favourite with us:

  • ‘Advance Australia…Where?
  • ‘Observations of a Very Short Man’
  • ‘Change the World 9 to 5’
  • ‘Perfect Pitch’
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12 December, 2007


Astroturfing is advertising, or PR, seeks to create the impression of being spontaneous grassroots, often green, behaviour. Hence the reference to the artificial grass: AstroTurf.

More and more companies are creating unproven impressions of environmental sustainability and other green claims before the science is completely developed.

AFA Check list

12 December, 2007


AFA AdSchool’s new higher education status will be highlighted with new branding that clearly promotes the four core strands of the program:

AdSchool of Connection
AdSchool of Strategy
AdSchool of Management
AdSchool of Creativity

AdSchool Rebrand - 123.50 KB


The Advertising Federation of Australia has been registered as a ‘Higher Education Institution’, by the NSW Department of Education, in a move that lifts the status of AFA AdSchool and awards further value to the education profile of graduates.

 Adschool Higher Education - 116.00 KB

3 December, 2007


Commercial Radio Australia and the Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA) are running the last in a series of national, free, radio creative workshops in Sydney later this week, hosted by the creative director of Eardrum Australia, Ralph van Dijk, a 2007 Cannes Radio Lions judge and the creator of the award-winning radio brand campaign.

The workshop, targeted towards creative writers for radio ads in advertising agencies will be held at Southern Cross studios in Greenwich on Thursday 29 November. 

 Commercial Radio and AFA Workshop - 20.93 KB

27 November, 2007


To outline processes that support the safe consumption of alcohol at work functions held by Company. Under the OHS Act 2000, your Company has a duty of care to protect health, safety & welfare of all staff, including company’s approved work functions where alcohol is served.

Check out this detailed OHS guide

Peter Wasson:  OHS Media Services

23 November, 2007


Nine winning entries of the 9th AFA Advertising Effectiveness Award have been entered into the inaugural Asia Pacific Effie Awards to be launched at the World Effie Festival in Singapore next February.

Asia Pacific Effies - 20.83 KB

20 November 2007


The 2007 Advertising Federation of Australia Salary Survey released to participating agencies this week confirms the number of people employed in agencies is growing nationally, in particular in the smaller states.

In the 12 months to July 2007, the number of staff employed in agencies in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania increased by a massive 20%. The survey does not separate out these states, but it is believed the major growth has been in Western Australia and Queensland.

AFA Survey Reveals Agency Growth - 36.86 KB

15 November, 2007


The AFA has appointed a highly experienced agency account director, Fiona Reeves as its new Member Services Manager, to commenced on 12 November.

Fiona brings over ten years of local and international advertising agency account management experience to her AFA role.

The focus of Fiona’s role will be on delivering value to AFA members through managing and building AFA membership and overseeing services such as the benchmark surveys on salaries and agency income and costs; business, legal, HR and talent advice and managing the various AFA committees. Fiona will also work close with the AFA Agency Accreditation team to further develop this important program.

 New Member Services Manager - 29.56 KB

13 November, 2007

Kylie Minogue And the Four-Letter Word

Is this a misleading headline? Well no, not really. As Kylie our beloved singing budgie sang, “This is the feeling I want for always. Free, so free. It’s special, the feeling, it`s really nice…”

‘Free’ is simple little four-letter word - but it can get agencies and your clients into trouble with the Trade Practices Act, meaning the use of this word is a frequently asked question by members.

In the past the ACCC has taken action involving the use of the word ‘free’. Try this simple test…is the product or service really free or is there a hidden condition? If in doubt check with us

see the full article

Chocolate makers see red over the colour purple ...

Marketers and advertisers have long been aware of the power of colour in triggering consumer recognition and response to a brand. It seems the law may be catching up with marketers, after Cadbury recently won an appeal against Darrell Lea over the use of the colour purple.

See the full article

von Muenster Solicitors & Attorneys

9 October, 2007


AFA launches “Field Guide” to market AFA Accreditation

Following the overwhelming success of the AFA Accreditation program, the AFA launched a
marketing campaign to marketers and the broader business community today.

Created by M&C Saatchi/Mark, the direct marketing campaign is in the form of a “Field Guide” for marketers highlighting the laws, codes and regulations that advertisers must be aware of and drawing attention to the training of staff in accredited agencies.

AFA Executive Director Lesley Brydon said “we have been delighted with the success of the Accreditation program in its first year. With 127 agencies now enrolled in the program it is time to promote AFA Accreditation more broadly to the business community”

   Field Guide - More Information - 21.01 KB

Take the survival quiz for a chance to win an $800 gift voucher from Herringbone, click here.

To download your copy of the AFA Field Guide, click here.

More on the AFA Field Guide click here

4 Oct 2007

AFA Appoints New Executive Director

The AFA has appointed a new Executive Director, Mark Champion currently CEO of the Communications Agencies Association of New Zealand (CAANZ) and Chairman of the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority.

Mr Champion would take over the role from retiring AFA Executive Director, Lesley Brydon, on 3 December.

AFA Appoints New Executive Director - 26.38 KB

21 Sept 2007

Tara Lordsmith and Ant Shannon

There’s a big difference between a one-off ad and an enduring campaign. The same goes for relationships, as Ant Shannon, Executive Creative Director of Grey Worldwide, and Tara Lordsmith, Group Marketing Manager of John West & Leggo’s, explain to Gawen Rudder.

 Power of 2 - August 2007 - 183.46 KB

Andrew Foote, Anthea Pritchard and Adam Francis

More like power of three this month, as Gawen Rudder talks relationships with Anthea Pritchard, Marketing Manager Of J.Boag & Son, and the two creative “AJFs”: Adam Francis And Andrew Foote.

Power 2 - June 2007 - 50.97 KB

AFA Submission to ACMA - Review of Childrens Television Standards

Download the AFA's submission and Media Release ... 

AFA Submission to ACMA Review - 378.14 KB

AFA Submission - Media Release - 209.31 KB

AFA Accreditation Signs Up New Members

With the start of the new financial year, The AFA has announced it will re-commence enrolments in the AFA Accreditation program.

The AFA placed a temporary freeze on accepting new members into the program late last year in order to focus efforts on helping agencies complete their accreditation requirements. Of the 124 agencies enrolled by January 2007, 112 achieved full AFA Accreditation by 30 June, with an additional 6 at Interim Compliance. Over the past 12 months, the AFA has delivered 119 Trade Practices workshops and 102 Ethics workshops as part of the program.

New Members to AFA Acreditation - 14.60 KB

19 July 2007


AFA Supports Food Advertising Debate

At today’s ‘Go for your life’ Think Tank hosted by the Victorian Government, Paul Gardner Group Chairman Grey Worldwide spoke from his perspective as a longstanding advertising industry leader on the topic of  “Healthy food and beverage choices for children – the influence of advertising and marketing”.

 Go for Your Life Think Tank - 29.88 KB


Black Night - Oasis Ball 2007

Sydney is preparing to host one of the most exciting charity events on the calendar – the 15th annual Oasis Ball.

Taking place on Saturday 25th August 2007 in the Grand Harbour Ballroom, Star City, the charity ball provides major support for the Oasis Youth Support Network; helping Sydney street kids get their lives back on track.

Through the provision of outreach services, refuge and innovative support programs, Oasis provides a hand up to those in need.

Reserve your tickets now and be a part of this great night. Visit or call 02 9281 8788 for more information.

27 June, 2007



At its 32nd Annual General Meeting today, the Advertising Federation of Australia elected the CEO of ZenithOptimedia and a Director of Publicis Mojo, Belinda Rowe as National Chair.

Ms Rowe takes over from Russel Howcroft Chairman and Managing Director of George Patterson Y&R Victoria, who steps down after three years in the Chairman’s role. Mr Howcroft will stay on as a director.

New AFA National Chair - 186.94 KB

30 May, 2007



At the AFA Annual Luncheon following the Advertising Federation of Australia’s Annual General Meeting, the AFA Medallion was awarded to Mo and Jo.

Over the years the AFA Medallion has been awarded to leaders and influencers of our industry, like Peter Clemenger, Alex Hamill, John Bevins, Reg Bryson and Colin Wilson-Brown. But 2007 will mark the first time the Medallion has been awarded to a creative team.

Mo & Jo Awarded the AFA Medallion - 166.42 KB 

30 May, 2007



The AFA Accreditation Advisory Board’s first annual report, released at the AFA Annual General Meeting on 29 May, lists 112 AFA members that have achieved full accreditation in the AFA’s Accreditation Program, launched last year.

A total of 124 agencies with over 3800 staff are enrolled in the program. This represents over 85% of membership and demonstrates overwhelming support for the program. 

  112 Agencies Accredited - 187.70 KB

30 May, 2007



Australia’s first decision on the failure to attribute the author of an artistic work was handed down last year and offers some instructive lessons for agencies.

That decision held that the treatment made by Woman’s Day of a photograph of a painting was in breach of the artist’s moral rights. Moral rights protect an author’s right to be attributed as the author, unless it is reasonable to do so. See the full article

Advice provided by SWAAB Attorneys MORE
5 April , 2007



1 April, 10:40pm: Alan Morris - the ‘Mo’ of Mojo - left us after a long battle with cancer.

Mojo (now Publicis Mojo) was formed back in the seventies by two Als, both copywriters, both short and fat, both with beards. To save any confusion when answering the ‘phone at the fledgling consultancy, they shortened Morris to ‘Mo’ and Allan Johnston to ‘Jo.’ For over two decades the Mojo brand became shorthand for Australian popular culture. MORE

5 April, 2007



9th International Advertising and Multimedia Competition

Awards are a currency, the more you win...

Have you already submitted your best works to the Golden Award? Improve your position in the Ranking Reports and improve your visibility! Take advantage of this great opportunity to evaluate your performance.

The Deadline is March 30, 2007
If you haven't yet submitted your works, the deadline is not so far away. So hurry up, only 9 days remain! Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this global advertising competition, which pays tribute to one of the most interesting and influential art forms in modern culture.

Entries + Info:

14 March , 2007



Industry awards Clear Blue Day Best Interactive Advertising and Marketing, and Best Retail Awards

New and innovative digital agency member Clear Blue Day has picked up two awards at the digital industry’s longest running and most prestigious awards, the AIMIAs.

For their groundbreaking work for Pioneer, Clear Blue Day won Best Interactive Advertising and Marketing, beating out other finalists including Coca Cola, Telstra, and Absolut.

Clear Blue Day also won Best Retail site, again for their work for Pioneer.

 More on Clear Blue Day

14 March , 2007



This year the AFA’s Graduate Trainee Program attracted a record number of participating agencies and a higher overall standard of applicants.

2007, the 25th year of the AFA’s Graduate Trainee Program, attracted a record number of participating agencies. By the end of January, 28 of the best and brightest graduates were placed in Sydney and Melbourne with AFA-Accredited members.

Read the AdNews Article - 166.31 KB

 More on the Graduate Trainee Program

19 Feb , 2007


'The internet, infinity and beyond'

Dr Vinton Cerf –The co-founder of the internet, Google Vice President is delivering a keynote speach on the internet and how it relates to business around the world today...where it is headed...and what opportunities this will create.

Tickets strictly limited to 1000. All proceeds of the event go to The Hear & Say Centre .

 The Internet, Infinity and Beyond - 2.58 MB

16 Feb, 2007


AWARD & Kodak Gongs Merge

SYDNEY February 5th, 2007 --- After two, successful years, and in a move designed to further strengthen the TV Commercial Production Industry’s support of AWARD, The Kodak Gongs organising committee and AWARD have agreed to merge resources.

The agreement will ensure maximum effort is applied to create a single, more powerful and effective regional organisation. As a result, The Kodak Gongs will be discontinued and AWARD will embrace and build upon the Gongs intended charter.

5 Feb , 2007

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