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The Outdoor Media Association of Australia (OMA) in addition to their own industry Code of Ethics, endorses and supports the AANA Advertiser Code of Ethics.

The AANA, OMA and Communications Council have developed an Advisory Paper and Checklist on Outdoor Advertising. This document is based on a review undertaken in response to member requests for advice regarding protocols for outdoor advertising, in particular, the portrayal of women.

 Outdoor Advertising Advisory Paper & Checklist - 246.59 KB

Outdoor Advertising is intended to include traditional outdoor media: spectaculars, supersites and transit, including buses, trams, taxis, mobiles and airport, plus street furniture and bus shelters.

Typically, public concerns about taste and decency in advertising relate to material carrying sexual connotations or seen as demeaning to women. The location of such material in relation to inappropriate audiences causes concern.

Self-regulation could be placed at risk if there is a perception, valid or otherwise, that the industry is not interested in addressing concerns raised by the public about advertising standards. Whether employed alone or as part of a multi-media campaign, outdoor advertising is in all instances open to general exhibition. Therefore careful consideration should be given to the choice of content.  Particularly where outdoor advertising is located in close proximity to schools and shopping centres, it should meet established AANA Guidelines for Advertising to Children, as well as all relevant provisions of the AANA Advertiser Code of Ethics.

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