Agency & Business Guidelines

Agency & Business Guidelines

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Agency Remuneration, Finance, Agreements and Pitching Guides

Legislation and the Law Guides

  • Monetising IP
  • Advertising and the Law, Competition & Consumer Act
  • Copyright: A guide for Advertising Agencies  
  • Copyright Amendment Act 2006
  • Social Media and Online Commentary Code of Conduct
  • Financial Services - Advertising and Consumer Credit Code Guidelines
  • Moral Rights
  • Online Image Licensing Legal Guidelines
  • Online Privacy Guidelines 
  • Photographers Copyright
  • Software Piracy and Licensing of Copyright material
  • Stock Footage Guidelines
  • Trade Marks Act 
  • User Generated Content and Advertising
  • Using Client Material for Agency Promotion
  • Sales Promotions/Lotteries   
  • Video Advertising Standard Guidelines

Public Relations Measurement Guidelines

  • PRC Measurement Toolkit

Commercial Production