Industry Reports


From large scale, bespoke industry analyses such as Advertising Pays, to information exclusive to participating members such as our annual Salary Survey, The Communications Council invests in key insights that we know provide unparalleled value to our members.

Winning or Losing in a Recession Rob Brittain and Peter Field have published their major new report 'AUNZ Advertising Effectiveness Rules - Winning or Losing in a Recession', the first study to examine the implications of COVID-19 and the impending recession for the advertising industry on both sides of the Tasman.

Australian Effectiveness Report: This report is a first look at the new Australian Effies Database, and marks the only time anywhere in the world outside the UK that a report on advertising effectiveness will have validated the conclusions of Peter Field's renowned research work with fellow effectiveness guru Les Binet.

Advertising Pays: This in-depth report examines the economic, employment and business value of advertising to the Australian economy.

Salary Survey: Our annual Salary Survey is recognised as the largest collection of salary information for creative agencies in Australia and represents a comprehensive market view of current industry pay practice.

Member Reports: A detailed overview of all activity delivered by The Communications Council, from awards to professional development to events.

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