Value-Based Pricing Workshops

Value-Based Pricing Workshops

Value Based Pricing “Bury the timesheet and billable hour. We can’t use time to measure the worth of talent and creative and innovation. It’s the wrong measuring stick, yet we are so committed to this.” - Ron Baker, 2018 Think:Long Summit

Facilitating and recognising excellence in effectiveness is one of the key pillars of TCC, and in 2019 we will continue to develop a longer-term view to marketing within industry through a series of initiatives such as our bespoke value-based pricing workshops.

A new remuneration model for agencies

The value-based pricing workshops hosted by The Communications Council present a wonderful opportunity for agencies to explore new remuneration models based on business strategy and brilliant ideas rather than production and implementation.

In 2018, founder of VeraSage Institute Ron Baker delivered a foundations of value-based pricing one-day seminar exclusive to TCC members to help agencies better understand the economics, principles, practices and impact of establishing a value-based model.

Advertising industry specialist and founder of the Ignition Group Tim Williams then ran a follow-up workshop designed to help members develop a specific approach by exploring ways to activate new pricing strategies in the agency. The popular 2018 workshops in Sydney and Melbourne were attended by a total of 98 members, including finance leaders, commercial leads, creatives and planners.