APG Planning Idol 2015

The Client
ReachOut Australia (previously the Inspire Foundation)
Corporate website: reachout.com/about
Consumer website: reachout.com

The Issue
Right now, 1 in 4 young Aussies live with a mental health difficulty, and suicide remains the most common cause of death for people aged 14-25 years. More than 80% of young males and nearly 70% of young females experiencing mental health problems don't get the support they need.

The Opportunity
ReachOut.com is an online mental health service that makes sure help is there, when and where they need it. ReachOut also provides resources and information to friends, teachers, education workers and health professionals so they can better support and understand the things that young people are going through. In 2016, ReachOut will extend this approach with the launch of ReachOut Parents, an online service specifically designed to better equip parents and carers of young people who are going through tough times.

The Challenge
Building on the success of There's Life After Year 12 Exams (a campaign targeting young people that launched in 2014 and will be expanded upon in October 2015), we are searching for our next big idea: this time with parents in mind. The campaign concept must emotionally connect with parents by demonstrating that we understand their experience, and that ReachOut is a place they can turn to for non-judgmental and practical information across a range of issues that will help them provide support for young people in their lives.

What Success Looks Like
ReachOut's brand voice is positively provocative, somewhere between politely opinionated and polarising. The right idea will spark a conversation that feels new because no one else has had it, but it should not be polarising for the sake of it. It should engage parents with some optimism and without alienating young people.
The campaign should reflect ReachOut's overall communications and brand strategy, ensuring that:

  • ReachOut Australia is used by parents and carers of young people on a regular basis as a source of trusted mental health information.
  • Young Australians know that ReachOut.com is their most credible, trusted and relevant source of mental health and wellbeing information and continue to use the service.