7 Minute Mentors: Mike Napolitano, TBWA

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7 Minute Mentors: Mike Napolitano, TBWA

Monday, 8 May 2017

Mike NapolitanoAhead of our AMG '7 Minute Mentor' speed learning session in Melbourne on May 17, TBWA managing director Mike Napolitano reveals how co-creating ideas that can make people think differently is the best part of his job.

TCC: Why advertising as a career?

MN: I have always loved jingles (thank you Mo and Jo).  Still to this day I think 'Cmon Aussie C'mon' is brilliant.

TCC: If you hadn’t pursued this as a career, what else would you have done?

MN: I wanted to be a doctor.  I think the analytical side of my brain still gets a great work out everyday.

TCC: Name three skills or qualities you think you need to stay at the top of your game ?

MN: Curiosity.  Honesty.  Energy.

TCC: What’s the best part of your job?

MN: Co-creating powerful ideas that can make people think differently is a great part of my day.  Working with our people to help them grow their careers and also be involved in big ideas is also a very rewarding experience.

TCC: What’s the worst part of your job?

MN: When you lose business it really hurts.

TCC: What’s your most embarrassing career moment?

MN: There are so many - where do I start! You just have to smile and keep going!

TCC: What’s your career high?

MN: Winning pitches and awards is the best feeling. 

TCC: What do you look for in a team member?

MN: Attitude is key. Most of us have the capacity to learn but it's hard to teach someone if their attitude sucks.

TCC:  If you could step back in time and offer yourself just one piece of advice as you started your career, what would it be?

MN: Patience is a virtue. Don't believe everything you hear. Get shit done.

Mike Napolitano is one of our '7 Minute Mentors' at our AMG speed mentoring event in Melbourne on May 17. Book your place here.

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