7 Minute Mentors: Anita Deutsch-Burley, McCann

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7 Minute Mentors: Anita Deutsch-Burley, McCann

Monday, 8 May 2017

Anita Deutsch-BurleyAhead of our AMG '7 Minute Mentor' speed learning session in Melbourne on May 17, McCann general manager Anita Deutsch-Burley describes how being a science and maths nerd, plus being fascinated by psychology, has fueled where she is today.

TCC: Why advertising as a career?

ADB: I was/am a science and maths nerd. I have always admired and been inspired by the the minds of creative people. And I am still fascinated by psychology and how we can influence human behaviour. If those things were sets within circles of a venn diagram, advertising is at their intersection.

TCC: If you hadn’t pursued this as a career, what else would you have done?

ADB: In reality: a psychologist. In my dreams: an F1 racing car driver.

TCC: Name three skills or qualities you think you need to stay at the top of your game?

ADB: Have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously. Be empathetic and understanding of those around you. Be inquisitive – there is more to learn and more to understand!

TCC: What’s the best part of your job?

ADB: Solving all kinds of problems for our clients and within our agency and helping people reach their full potential.

TCC: What’s the worst part of your job?

ADB: I’m pretty lucky to do a lot of what I love.

TCC: What’s your most embarrassing career moment?

ADB: Let’s just say there is a reason that I am OCD about turning the speaker phone OFF at the end of a call.

TCC: What’s your career high?

ADB: My current role of course!

TCC: What do you look for in a team member?

ADB: Positivity, proactivity, passion and intelligence.

TCC:  If you could step back in time and offer yourself just one piece of advice as you started your career, what would it be?

ADB: You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.

Anita Deutsch-Burley is one of our '7 Minute Mentors' at our AMG speed mentoring event in Melbourne on May 17. Book your place here.

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