Thomas Cleary

Thomas Cleary  

Agency: Razorfish
Age: 24
Degree/education: Bachelor of Commerce at USYD

Diary Entry 2 (April 2016)

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly fast paced at Razorfish, with some big projects commencing whilst the agency is in the process of moving offices. Millers Point is set to be replaced by Chinatown - which, whilst lacking any serenity has a significantly better food offering. With each week I've given added responsibilities, with team members increasingly happy to shift interesting work my way. I've also become significantly better at beer pong and slightly overweight following Friday burger rituals.

I'm currently working within the Media department, where I've been learning the fundamentals of SEO/SEM, media planning and ad trafficking (it's not all free lunches and publisher parties unfortunately). Whilst I've never considered a career in media specifically, it is clear that a strong knowledge of the media landscape is increasingly important as online advertising continues to grow at the expense of traditional forms like television and print.

Next week I'll move to the User Experience (UX) department, which is exciting given my rotation coincides with some awesome projects for Sydney Opera House and P&O Cruises.

In other news the Grad team won the industry trivia event - special credit to Azzam for his intricate knowledge of Capitan Planet and Camilla for her comprehensive understanding of Messina flavours.

Diary Entry 1 (March 2016)

The Communications Council Graduate Program is a fantastic platform to enter the industry, because it provides graduates with the opportunity to work in some of the best agencies in Sydney whilst completing a globally recognised industry certification. I was lucky enough to be offered a position at Razorfish, a digital agency that blends advertising, media and technology. In this role I will rotate through account management, project management, creative, user experience, media and technology departments over the year.

It’s been a great start. Whilst it’s only early days, I’m constantly learning, and have been able to work across a number of interesting diverse clients. One of the best features of the Razorfish program is my ability to work with the various department leads and the extent to which everyone is more than happy to answer questions. I could be asking last year’s grad Ash about the principles of human centered design and UX, the media team about best practice Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or the tech team about app development and gamification. I’m also (slowly but surely) learning the importance of attention to detail as I invoice clients, create revenue pipelines, briefs and book resources for projects across the agency.

The application process was tough. Being asked to elevator pitch yourself to a room packed with agency representatives is never going to be easy. My advice - be creative, clear and concise. Differentiate yourself and make the application memorable. Don’t pretend you’re Don Draper or anybody else because these advertising folk can smell it a mile away. Whilst the application process may be challenging - there is a possible job on offer! Also remember that the people assessing you are potential colleagues so they’re looking for someone that will contribute to good office vibes.

I’d definitely recommend applying for the program. In the meantime do an internship and enjoy your last year of uni!