Legislation & Guidance

Legislation & Guidance

WorkshopsThe Communications Council makes an ongoing effort to acquire and update business information and advice on behalf of our members. This includes agency remuneration and contracts, intellectual property, talent, tax and industrial relations advice, plus voluntary codes and regulations, pitching guidelines, client/agency agreements and other invaluable industry information. The sole purpose of this is to help our members run better businesses.

Legal clearances

All member agencies are entitled to two complimentary written legal clearances each year.

The Communications Council has been educating agencies on the self-regulatory framework since 2001.

We also regularly conduct workshops with various members and our representative councils on the different Acts, codes and guidelines that may impact on marketing communications and commercial creativity, with the intention of promoting compliance and reducing legal and commercial risks to advertisers and their agencies.

The Communications Council delivers bespoke workshops for our members which are designed to meet companies’ needs on self-regulatory guidelines and/or the specialist codes that apply to specific industries and we share our best practice documents via our resource centre.

The Communications Council believes that leading our industry is best realised through collaboration, partnership and cross-pollination. We partner with AANA, ASB, ABAC and OMA to deliver self-regulation training that is relevant, up to date and reflects the industry’s state of play.

Consumer law and codes

This workshop takes one hour and emphasises why a understanding of the codes and compliance is an essential and practical form of ‘risk insurance’ for all businesses. The workshop is suitable for all levels and disciplines, but is especially relevant for account management. The workshop is interactive, using up-to- date cases that demonstrate the AANA code of Ethics and how the ASB administers it, summaries of individual category codes (eg ABAC) as well as outlines of CAD and ACCC.

This workshop is exclusive to our corporate members. If you’re interested in someone coming to give this presentation at your agency, please contact hello@communicationscouncil.org.au

Legal issues for social media marketing

Addressing top legal issues that agencies face in social media communications, the workshop uses recent market examples, and covers consumer-generated branded content, advertiser blogs, ad mashups and consumer commentary. What are your responsibilities and what are the risks? These are the things you need to know before you plan any social media campaign.

This workshop is exclusive to members at preferred rates. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please register your interest at hello@communicationscouncil.org.au

New privacy laws

New data protection laws will be introduced that change how Australian businesses collect, store and use customer data.

These reforms apply to all agencies, marketers and publishers. Failure to comply with the new APPs could result in serious penalties with potential fines of up to $1.7million. This practical legal seminar will help you and your agency teams understand the impact of privacy laws, ensuring you are well equipped to manage client expectations and your own legal responsibilities.

Workshops can be tailored to specifically meet your company and agency needs. Please contact us on (02) 8297 3800 or email hello@communicationscouncil.org.au