Advertising Codes and Regulations

Advertising Codes and Regulations

Advertising & Selling: ACCC Guidelines

Alcohol: ABAC

Alcohol - Distilled Spirits: DSICA Guide for Responsible Practices for Alcohol Advertising & Marketing

Children: AANA Code of Advertising

Children: Employing Children in the Entertainment Industry

Children: AFGC Responsible Marketing Initiative

Environment: AANA Environmental Claims Code

Ethics: AANA Code of Ethics

Fast Food: Australian Quick Service Restaurants Initiative

Federal Government: Guidelines for Departments & Agencies

Food & Beverages: AANA Advertising & Marketing Communications Code

Gambling State Regulations

Gender Portrayal Codes/Guidelines

Internet: ACCC Guidelines

Internet: Video Advertising Standard Guidelines

Media Codes: For TV, Radio, Print, outdoor & Cinema

Motor Vehicle: Advertising Code

New Zealand: Advertising Code

Online Behavioral Advertising: Australian Best Practice Guideline for Online Behavioural Advertising

Outdoor: OMA Code of Ethics

Price Comparisons: ACCC Price Comparisons Advertising

Pricing (Unit): ACCC Unit Pricing Code

Pricing (Component): ACCC Display Prices

Radio: More

Social Media Code of Conduct: More

TV: Commercial Television Industry Codes

Telecommunications: Code of Practice

Telemarketing: ACCC Consumer Guidelines

Therapeutic Goods: Government/Industry Regulations

Tobacco: Advertising

eMarketing: Codes

SMS: Service Providers Self-Regulation Guidelines

Spam: See eMarketing Codes

Weight Management: Code of Practice