Courses in Advertising

Courses in Advertising

Championing Brilliant Careers

Our four renowned professional development brands The Graduate Program, AWARD School, AdSchool and IPA, have an enviable track record in developing the capabilities and expertise of the best in our industry as they transition from entry level to management and leadership roles.

Kickstart your career
Open to graduates across Australia, you’ll be immersed in agency life while developing your knowledge and skills through a series of workshops, globally-certified online training and tailored networking events. More info

Generate powerful ideas
As our industry’s pre-eminent creative incubator, AWARD School nurtures and develops idea generation and creative thinking for those who aim to be brand storytellers. Over half of Australia’s creative directors completed AWARD School when starting out. Find courses

Accelerate your skills
Our Essential and Accelerator workshops and courses develop core skills for entry and extended skills for intermediate levels across specific disciplines within commercial creativity; advertising, PR, marketing, design, digital and production, amongst others. Find courses

Globally-recognised credentials
IPA Residential and Online courses have international certification and are recognised as a world leader in developing careers in the marketing communications industry; from fundamentals for new-starters through to challenging certificates for leadership residentials for senior executives transitioning from management to leadership roles. Find courses


A comprehensive Professional Development Framework


Four subject areas cover entry (0-2 years) through intermediate (3-5 years) to advanced (6-8 years+) level of experience. We provide bespoke guidance on an optimal mix of courses to build individual career pathways; whether for a career in creative, strategic planning, account management or production.

Uniquely, all our courses are developed and run by top-of-their-game industry professionals to ensure cutting edge relevance and credibility. Ongoing feedback from our members also means we're constantly launching new courses and content that help you stay ahead of the game.

PD-related Events and Networking

The Communications Council’s powerhouse of representative member committees also presents an array of curated event and networking sessions every year that aim to enlighten, inspire, inform, educate and entertain. Find Events